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Clothing and accessories

Quality Hunting, Agricultural and Outdoor Leisure Clothing - We have a wide range of garments available for Performance Layering which meet New Zealand conditions. Hunters Element | Sitka | Swazi |



  • Game Gear

    Game Gear - designs, imports and manufacture all their Game Gear Products. Owner Joel Dickson stands behind all their products 100%. "The key to the awesome performance you will enjoy from our gear is the fabric we use. We start with the best quality fabrics and have our gear constructed at a number of specialist factories right here in NZ and overseas." "We design all our own gear and manufacture a large range of these items ourselves in-house." "The best fabrics + the best factory = Quality" "As a company of hunters we are confident you will love our gear."

  • Hunters Element

    Hunters Element - Hunters Element is designed in New Zealand’s harshest conditions to create technically superior, performance driven hunting gear, so you can challenge yourself to walk further, climb higher and hunt longer. "The face of Hunting is Changing - New Veil Camo Available 2014" "We don’t follow traditions, we innovate to give you gear that is more comfortable, dries faster, packs smaller and is very durable." Team Hunters Element.

  • Sitka

    Sitka Gear - "We could say our roots are in Mountain Gear but our solutions are range wide". Sitka say, "that they could simply say that they make the best performance clothes but for Sitka it's more than quality it's a philosophy, Turning Clothing into gear."

  • Swazi Gear

    Swazi is 100% committed to producing apparel in New Zealand. The Swazi promise is to continue to produce innovative and practical Agricultural, Hunting and Outdoor Leisure clothing. Hand in hand with this assurance Swazi also undertakes to make the voice of the outdoors heard. To promote adventure, hunting and a sense of responsibility among young people. Their vision is to make the world's most innovative, comfortable, durable and desirable outdoor clothing.


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